Beluga whales

Beluga whales are majestic, sociable creatures that patrol Arctic and sub-Arctic waters above the 50th parallel. Northern Manitoba’s Hudson Bay coastline is home to the world’s largest population of beluga whales. More than 57,000 beluga whales gather in the region between mid-June to mid-September.

Kayaking with the belugas in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Nicknamed “sea canaries” for their strange high-pitched whistles, clicking, chirping and other underwater vocalizations, beluga whales inhabit the warmer waters of the Churchill River after the ice breaks up. These playful whales have few natural predators, and populations are relatively stable – only the orca and the polar bear are natural predators.

Hop aboard a zodiac or large passenger boat to watch these intelligent and curious creatures. Listen in on the whales’ conversation using hydrophones and try to figure out what they are saying. If you’re more adventurous, venture out on (or in) the water – kayaking or snorkeling with these friendly sea mammals is an unforgettable experience.

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Churchill Nature Tours

Specialist in nature study tours in the Churchill region since 1985. Top-quality and expert leadership provides the maximum experience of this unique landscape and its resources. Adventures for expert or novice naturalists. Birdwatching tours in June; beluga whales and wildflowers in July and August; polar bear safaris in October and November. All-inclusive packages from Winnipeg. Service en français.

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Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Churchill Northern Studies Centre is an independent, non-profit research station located along the coast of Hudson Bay. It offers nature study tours of the sub-arctic, ranging from polar bears to beluga whales, wildflowers to northern lights. Courses are led by qualified instructors and proceeds support research and education in the Canadian sub-arctic. The CNSC also hosts school and youth group visits, university credit courses and ecological research initiatives. Facility tours available. Admission charged. Tel. 204-675-2307 Fax: 204-675-2139 Website: E-mail: Location: Rocket Launch Road, 24 km/15 mi. east of Churchill.

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Churchill Wild

The world’s most unique polar bear experience. The only fly-in ecolodge based adventures on the Hudson Bay coast. On the ground hiking and polar bear viewing in summer and fall, whale watching and swims, photo safaris, northern lights, moose, caribou migration, wolves and much more. A true Arctic Safari! Wildly remote with exclusive experiences. Touch the Arctic! Churchill Wild owns four fly-in lodges along the Hudson Bay coast, and offers a variety of wildlife viewing tours from July to November: Seal River Heritage Lodge Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge Dymond Lake Lodge North Knife Lake Lodge

Suite 204 - 1 Rivard Street, Ile Des Chenes, Mb R0A 0T0

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Frontiers North Adventures

Frontiers North Adventures has been offering life-changing adventures in Canada's North for over 30 years. Our expert-guided programs are geared towards wildlife & culture enthusiasts, photographers and adventurers of all ages. Owners and operators of Tundra Buggy Adventures, Frontiers North Adventures is renowned for having the best access in the world to wild polar bears, and our polar bear-based adventures were selected in 2011 as an inaugural Canadian Tourism Commission Signature Experience. Our most popular destination is Churchill, Manitoba, which boasts incredible sights and wildlife such as beluga whales, phenomenal northern lights and, of course, the great polar bear. Join us for an authentic arctic experience in Canada's north.

140 Kesley Blvd, Churchill, Mb R0B 0E0

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Lazy Bear Expeditions

Lazy Bear Expeditions offers all inclusive, unique adventures to see the iconic wildlife of the north, including both the Polar Bears and Beluga Whales. Welcome home to Lazy Bear Expeditions, Churchill's charming and cozy accommodations. Fall and Summer Adventures include accommodations and meals at Lazy Bear Lodge and Café. All rooms have two double beds, private bath and shower, non-smoking, cable TV. Transfers and baggage handling included. Lazy Bear Expeditions are as unique and memorable as Churchill itself.

Box 880, 313 Kelsey Blvd., Churchill, Mb R0B 0E0

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Rail Travel Tours

A relaxing rail tour exploring the Northern Manitoba rail network on a memorable vacation to Churchill. View the northern lights in the spring, beluga whales in summer or Polar Bears in fall. Visit Winnipeg for a few days before travelling to see Canada by rail. Or let us organize a Manitoba rail tour for your group featuring wildlife, history, culture, shopping and more.

123 Main Street, Box 44, Winnipeg, Mb R3C 1A3

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Sea North Tours Ltd.

A family-owned company specializing in beluga whale and historic site tours since 1977. Transport Canada certified tour boat. Tours from June to September for beluga whales, Prince of Wales Fort, birds, polar bears, seals and floe ice. Hydrophone-equipped to listen to the most vocal whales in the world. Zodiac charters, transparent kayak tours and snorkeling. Snowshoe tours on Churchill West Peninsula from December to April.

Box 219, Churchill, Mb R0B 0E0

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The Great Canadian Travel Company Ltd.

Weekend to two-week packaged excursion tours by air, train, motorcoach and boat to northern Manitoba and Arctic Canada. Specialists in beluga whale watching and polar bear tours to Churchill. Dog sledding, wildlife viewing programs are offered. Customized packages for groups and individuals.

164 Marion Street, Winnipeg, Mb R2H 0T4

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